The 111th Skeptics’ circle, featuring that creepy Sham-Wow guy

I have no idea what possessed Action Skeptics to use the Sham Wow guy to present this week’s entries, but it’s amusing. Check it!

In particular I like ICBS everywhere on this thermography nonsense, and Living better skeptically on yet another cancer quack. It’s very upsetting when quack modalities defraud people of hard-earned money. It’s even more upsetting when people encourage quackery to replace an legitimate and important screening procedure such as mammography or effective treatments for cancer. These people are the most dangerous kind of quack, if they continue unchallenged they will be responsible for the death of their victims.

I was also interested to see Tech Skeptics’ discussion of lazy journalism exposed. Apparently, journalism these days begins and ends at Wikipedia.

So stop by and say high to ShamWow Vince over at Action Skeptics.


3 responses to “The 111th Skeptics’ circle, featuring that creepy Sham-Wow guy”

  1. Cousin Andy

    I’m a big fan of Vince since he beat that hooker. Equality, here we come!

  2. Thanks for the plug, Mark! I’m glad you enjoyed the Circle!

  3. I love the conspiracy theory that the hooker was some sort of lip-biting Scientology plant

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