Frankly, I am afraid to ask…



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  1. Kagehi

    Maybe they dilute it only half as many times? Or, wait.. Twice as many? Which one is supposed to make it “better” again? lol

  2. So, instead of 10^-12 ppm, there is 10^-9 ppm of the “active” ingredient?

    There are still more molecules of solution that passed through Bacon’s urinary tract than are ones that are part of the claimed “active ingredient.”

    Ergo, reading Bacon is more likely to get you to choose the best medical care.

    Maybe there is something to homeopathy?

  3. qetzal


    Whichever one you’re willing to pay extra for.

  4. John S.

    Two times zero = TWICE THE EFFECTIVENESS!!1!

  5. Nothing is more effective! 😉

  6. John S.

    To address Kagehi’s question, I did an internet search on “high potency homeopathics”. And indeed, it’s the more dilute solutions that are thought to have higher potency! Read this nonsense: These guys advocate placing the most dilute solutions on the highest shelf, with a warning that they are only to be used under the care of a qualified (!) homeopath.

    You know, you guys (rightly, in my opinion) criticize the US for some of the dumb things people believe over here, but I’ve found belief in homeopathy (and other quack-o-pathies) to be far more widespread in Europe.

  7. Many years ago, there was an advertisement in the UK (and possibly elsewhere) for a proprietary headache pill: Nothing Acts Faster Than Anadin.

    This presumably is what homeopaths believe.

    The motto at the bottom of the pictured sign shows the quackorama claims to be an “integrative pharmacy”. That’s probably an accurate term, they don’t do differential diagnoses! (Hey, a mathemedical jokette!)

  8. llewelly

    Either it’s been succussed and diluted a dozen more times, or it has a secret (as in secret from the purchaser) active ingredient. Remember – ‘ask us’ is a method for selecting enthusiasts.

  9. Marina

    “Homeopathics” and “potency” in the same sentence. I have to sit down for this.

  10. Apparently, Hahnemann, late in his life, became increasingly paranoid about carrying remedies while travelling. He was afraid that the extra succussion would over-potentise the remedies, making them dangerous.

  11. Well they couldn’t very well offer lower potency homeopathics now could they.

    Nowhere to go but up.

  12. MisterSir

    Doesn’t all water have a little bit of poo in it? How do you get the poo out?

  13. johnny5

    How about asking about an
    electronic cigarette Tobacco companies are trying to keep it a secret…

  14. Homeopathic medicines are little packets of placebo… and maybe magic… like “isn’t that sunshine just magical?”“No, you moron, its fucking science.”

    Does weed qualify as homeopathic? If it is, it’s working like a bitch… I’d kick placebo in the twat…

  15. I always assumed that higher potency homeopathy was, you know, traditional medicine.

  16. “”Homeopathics” and “potency” in the same sentence. I have to sit down for this.”

    ok ladies and gents, its time for me to explain the above… I’m pretty sure you’re all very confused, so I will clear things up for you.

    Not by choice, I worked for a homeopathic medicine company that supplied many different varieties of homeopathic medicines. One of our claims to fame was, our CoQ-10 (CoEnzyme Q-10) was the most potent of its kind. Now at the time, CoQ was a newer homeopathic ingredient that was starting to flood everywhere. I wanted to know exactly how these drugs could call themselves more potent. This is where they get you, its not necessarily a more potent pill as it is the way your body absorbs the actual ingredients. They have figured out ways to make your body absorb 300 percent more *insert pill ingredients here*. A lot of times, your body just passes the crap in most homeopathic medicines, however thanks to a trick used to fake your body into believing it needs the minerals/medicine, they can now call their stuff “more potent”.

    This is kinda the way they explained it to me, dunno how much of it is true or not, but this is how its done!

  17. I’m waiting for the quacks to start claiming that they dilute their placebos with newly-synthesized water, to avoid the influence of all that crap (figurative and literal) that has been dumped into the hydrosphere since the Earth cooled.

    On coenzyme Q-10: my physician suggested it as a remedy for the muscle aches I had as a side effect of the simvastatin he’d prescribed to control my cholesterol. It ether works, in dosages of 100 mg per day, or it’s an effective placebo. Of course, a single 100mg capsule would probably be enough to supply a homeopathic “pharmacy” for years, even if they were shipping truckloads of solution every day.

    It would be mildly interesting to see how belief in homeopathy, which seems to have been based on a naive misinterpretation of immunity, correlates with anti-vaccinationism, and how believers in both kinds of woo handle the contradiction. Not that contradictions are any barrier to True Belief. Just look at the Biblical literalists. Do you have them in Britain? They seem to be a mostly American plague.

  18. No Body

    They’re using heavy water for dilution (i almost wrote “delusion”).

  19. Voice of (Possible?) Dissent

    Homeopathy is wholly without empirical evidence.
    That obvious statement given, I often wonder if the practitioners of naturopathic medi…shamanism mislabel a homeopathic remedy as a natural one. One instance might be giving out Valerian Root for sleeplessness. Doesn’t valerian have gabaergic activity? As a chemical able to act upon neurochemistry, it could be twice as potent due to a little operation known as duplication. Possibly, the given supplements could be a stronger extract in the same volume container? Am I just dreadfully underestimating these people’s stupidity?

  20. Richard Eis

    How about asking about an
    electronic cigarette Tobacco companies are trying to keep it a secret…

    You are still keeping to a highly adictive narcotic. I also hate to think what a constantly available, purified nicotine cigarette would do someone over a long period.

  21. catgirl

    Why not just buy the cheap stuff and dilute it with water when you get home?

  22. LanceR, JSG

    Don’t forget to shake it real hardsuccuss it!

  23. melior

    Yes, if the label falls off the bottle, how can I measure what the potency is?

  24. Now, EVEN MORE H2O !!!

  25. Wow. I’m afraid to ask now to lol

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