What is Brain Wave Vibration?

Sounds like a more dangerous form of Scientology, according to the Chronicle’s Scavenger Blog:

…Lee’s yoga focuses on Brain Education, or as one official put it, “using your brain well.” Part of this training includes the head-shaking Brain Wave Vibration exercise…Participants take basic yoga classes and are reportedly encouraged to attend pricey workshops, retreats and healing sessions. The group also sells followers $4,000 healing turtles, $800 healing necklaces and $90 vibrating power brains, according to a Boston TV station.


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  1. $800 healing necklaces? Now that’s using your brain well.

    I really hate how New Agers overuse the words “vibration” and “energy” without really quantifying what the hell they’re talking about. If life is a vibration, what is vibrating and how? They don’t even try to explain crap like that. Sounds like vitalism. Nor do they explain what kind of “research” this guy did before coming up with the idea to shake your head back and forth.

    As Utah Phillips said about New Age healers, “It doesn’t matter how New Age you are, old age is gonna kick your ass.”

  2. “Part of this training includes the head-shaking Brain Wave Vibration exercise.”

    And after shaking your head for a few minutes, you begin to feel weird, and that’s the chi at work (or whatever this particular mob calls it).

    Not a new idea: the dervishes have been using a similar way of getting in touch with the infinite. I think it’s called “spin till you can’t stand up”.

    My own happy-clappy church was similar. Our method was called “sing until you feel lightheaded”.

    Much more civilised than how those old-time christians used to do it: the fastings, the mortifiations and whatnot.

  3. Reminds me of the old “brain based” education thing in the 1990s. Great idea.

  4. minimalist

    “Vibrating Power Brains” will be my first band name.

  5. A more dangerous form of Scientology? It looks pretty harmless to me. Dumb, but not dangerous…

  6. $4,000 healing turtles

    I… what? Is this an actual turtle?

  7. Seeing things like this makes me curse my code of ethics that for some reason prevents me from making some crap up, putting together a few shiny machines with der blinkenlichts, a few pamphlets, a website and a YouTube video, then sitting back to rake in the money. (Instead I just stick to my day job, at least until they finish dismantling the company.)

  8. This is the challenge ethical companies face when someone does develop a real device that helps people. There is so much crap out there its hard to sift through it. A few bad apples make the whole industry look bad.

  9. ‘Life System’, I took a look at your site. Here’s a snippet from how this ‘system’ was created:

    The developers, Chris Keser and Michael Slivinski combined their talents to produce the LIFE System. Chris is an American who has studied and taught Homeopathy for more than 30 years. He has worked with the concepts of energy medicine and biofeedback since the 1990’s. Michael contributed his experience in the field of electronics and data communications. In addition, Michael is also an accomplished, licensed massage therapist. Together with a group of programmers and engineers, they developed the LIFE Biofeedback system over a period of four years, writing a totally new multi-lingual database, an easy to use graphic interface and all ancillary hardware.

    Gee, I don’t know. People throwing away $800 for the ‘brain vibration necklace’ at least walk away with a necklace. Other than the placebo effect, what do your customers walk away with?

    Your advertising your nonsense on the wrong blog. Try posting your comments on Oprah’s blog.

  10. rimpal

    Isn’t yoga unscientific?

  11. I think there are a lot of healing tools out there developed by both well-meaning and not-so-well-meaning people whose effects have not had the chance to be proven or not through the scientific method. That doesn’t mean they don’t work. I think for the most part, if you have the time and the money, you can try it and decide for yourself. If it helps you, and you believe in it, does it really matter if a scientist hasn’t taken the time to study it yet?

  12. brownbag

    I actually went to their website: brainwavevibration.com

    it doesn’t seem “dangerous” as the author claims. seems like a lot of people are actually getting benefit from it. I mean if it’s not hurting anyone, what’s the problem with it.

    I’m guessing the “research” the guy talks about is in his own personal “3 decade” experience as the website states.

    but another note, http://www.brainwavevibration.com/news/news_view.aspx?idx=97
    the website has some sort of research that was apparently done in japan.

    i think even though this brain wave vibration looks little bit silly, i still think that they’re looking to help people more than anything.

    in the end i think a $4000 healing turtle sounds better than a $10,000 engagement rock some people expect to “represent” their love. i’d rather get the turtle represent my love… at least it heals and not hurt my pocket?

  13. MM,

    A lot of stuff is probably just ridiculously expensive (and therefore more effective) placebo effect, but that’s not always the case. Woo can be harmful, and even if it isn’t, it feeds more woo and more dishonest woo-masters.

  14. Richard Sawatzki

    Thanks for posting. I was going to go to a free introductory class at a Dahn Yoga Center. Instead I’ll just crank up the oldies music station and dance around the room. 🙂

  15. LanceR, JSG

    Now, yoga has its uses. It is a good exercise program for people who cannot do aerobics. It can do wonders for flexibility. If you can find a good secular teacher who leaves out all the mystical claptrap, it can be good exercise. There’s also something to be said for the social aspects.

    That said, dancing to the oldies station does sound like more fun!

  16. I’m not so sure about literal vibration of the brain, but it is rather well known that different proportions of alpha, beta, delta etc. brainwaves do affect one’s state of mind. Also, these proportions can be altered by meditation, biofeedback (both shown to have real effects), substances of course (like the wonderful, alpha-boosting lift from legal theanine – too much overlooked.)

  17. i’ve been doing this practice for the past (almost) year now, i’ve read all the pros & cons all over the internet, and just wanted to share my 2 cents about it.

    it looks strange, but it works.

    also, it’s not actual “vibration” of the brain. it’s more feeling the “natural rhythm” of the body and how to understand the connection between mind (brain) & body. what i find with me is that it helps me center myself. (my brain is wired non-stop. because of my high-paced job, my mind is always going) but what this technique offers is a simple way to reconnect with myself and basically shake out or “vibrate” all the negative crap out. it’s helped me reduce my stress tremendously, in turn helping me to reduce my very high blood pressure a great deal.

    again, it may look a little funny at first, but once you get used to the motion, it’s actually pretty fun & calming at the same time.

    last thing…
    a lot of people complain it’s expensive… (at least at the center i go to) a year’s membership is 1290, i’ve checked out other yoga places & it’s a freaking 1800.. ehh… comparison?

  18. Oh for God’s sake! There is more than one road to take to the same destination. I can only tell you of my own experience. I have suffered very bad neck problems and some lower back problems for years due to two major car accidents. Add in intestinal problem and I was not exactly feeling full of beans and joy on a regular basis, despite a very positive outlook.

    I tried all sorts of yoga before, and exercises, diets and I did not feel any better, in fact in some cases I felt worse. I was advised by Doctor’s and Chiropractors to never even do simple head exercises or certain yoga exercises or anything to do with the neck.
    Well, I decided that nothing was working and maybe I should listen to my body instead of outside of myself, get my meaning.

    I started the Dahn yoga and brain shaking a few months ago, and to be honest I was nervous, and a bit skeptical. I can only tell you, that I have had amazing results.
    No more neck pain and stress in my shoulders and neck. No lower back pain, my digestion is 100% better than it was, although I still have a ways to go.
    What is great about this for me, is the joy I feel from within, the energy levels that have increased and the all round feeling of positiveness.

    You know I don’t care how it works or why, but for me and those at the center it has made a huge difference, so something must be right. What price can you put on health, beats the cost of prescriptive drugs and the cost of pain killers.

    Speaking of cost, I go three times a week and it works out around $10.00 for each hour or so session. Today I had my first hour check up that consisted of a incredible neck, shoulders massage and energy healing work. This would have cost a small fortune had I gone else where, but this was all included in my 3 months sign up.

    Don’t knock something before you try it- to the guy who was going to take a free lesson, go..! just because a few people don’t think its viable does not mean it won’t be for you. Do you follow what everyone else say’s in life or would you not try something for yourself.

    It is all about the body’s natural rhythm , which is different for everyone, the mind, and the body and the brain are all connected and the body has the ability to heal itself given a chance. Following this new found rhythm for me is like helping to find your true self and for me that is worth its weight in gold.

  19. dogmom

    I have spent years and $$$ with medical doctors, mental health doctors, and in various physical fitness programs. I decided to try Dahn Yoga and Brain Wave vibration. I am an intelligent and cautious person and have always been a leader not a follower in all I do. I have been doing this program for two months and found benefits after two weeks. I wish I would have done the brain wave education years ago. I would not have wasted so much money and time with the traditional health system. It’s ridiculous to think that anyone who wants to learn about this and attend the daily classes should recieve it for free. You don’t expect to go to a gym or see a doctor for free. As far as turtles and $800 brain wave vibration necklaces??? I have not encountered any such thing. I recieve personalized attention and everyone around me has noticed how much healthier I am. I feel better now than I can remember. Cheryl Frampton is 100% correct.
    Richard Sawatski you missed a good opportunity simply because you decided to listen to people who are spreading incorrect information based on ingnorance, and on the internet no less . Obtain your knowledge from your own experiences to determine what is fact or fiction. A few sessions at a Dahn center might help you become a leader not a follower.

  20. wondering

    I don’t see one of the comments that was posted here criticizing Dahn. I was following this discussion and wonder why it was removed.

  21. Chris H

    @Wondering, that is probably my fault. We have had a massive, ongoing spam attack on the site, and I was pruning comments heavily over the weekend. Collateral damage!

    The spam problem is getting more and more difficult, because their comments look like legitimate posts. Their bots must be grabbing text from the post and assembling it into something plausible. Here’s an example:

    How about the human knee for bad design? A cylinder on top of a cylinder held together with rubber bands. Oy! And I know this one through personal experience – my bones are fine, but tendons and ligaments – nine times under the knife on ONE KNEE!

    It’s actually spam! It contains a link to some crappy e-commerce site.

  22. okumhokem

    I tried reposting my comment but unfortunately it was gone the next day.

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