Watch James Hansen's TED talk

I think it’s a nice, succinct description of the problem of climate change from one of the leaders of the field.

On a related note the nation of Kiribati is relocating to Fiji as their island nation is disappearing.


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  1. A-Tom-IC

    To be fair, Kiribati is not currently picking up and moving to Fiji. They are attempting to buy land on Fiji as a contingency should sea level rise make Kiribati functionally uninhabitable.

  2. Marcus Gibson

    Neither Kiribati, or Tuvalu, or the Maldives are subject to ‘rising sea levels’ above the post-glacial mean. We know the sea levels are not rising along the Australian coastline for certain.
    Sadly, Kiribati and the others are the tiny pin-head peaks of ocean volcanoes, based on a very unstable sea floor.
    They – of course – sinking..
    Marcus Gibson

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