Katie Couric Picking Up Where Oprah Left Off

Gawker reports that on the first day of Katie Couric’s new show, Sheryl Crow discusses her theory that cell phone use caused her to have a brain tumor.
Update: The Chronicle reports that the show is just a celebrity infomercial, with softball questions, and no critical discussion:

You would be forgiven for mistakenly thinking you’d tuned in to an infomercial for Weight Watchers in the first half hour of Katie Couric’s new syndicated talk show, “Katie,” which premiered Monday afternoon…


2 responses to “Katie Couric Picking Up Where Oprah Left Off”

  1. Well, really, did you expect otherwise? Hopefully, Ms. C will be found to be past her sell-by date and depart the airwaves rather sooner than later. Doesn’t much matter to me as I don’t have a teevee.

  2. Sheryl Crow,mobile phone/brain tumor? You’d think ,if she’s gonna speculate,she might just as well blame the years she spent working in recording studios with their electrical fields,headphones, hot plastics,airconditioning and bad coffee!

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