Category: Wasting your time

  • An apology, from America, for Alex Jones

    Dear British friends, I am deeply ashamed, and mortified, on behalf of my entire country for the embarrassing phenomenon that is Alex Jones. I see you have learned now for yourselves, this disturbed, bizarre person, is quite possibly the worst guest you could have ever invited to be on a television show. I have enclosed…

  • A week without denialism blog

    Sorry, things will be quiet for a week. Cranks, please don’t start crying censorship. I’m just not going to be available to moderate comments until the 6th.

  • Rest in Peace, Thomas Kinkade

    Thomas Kinkade, painter of pablum and our nation’s most collected living artist, died on Good Friday. Hmmmm.

  • Damn you!

    Somebody please tell me why the national library of medicine gave up their and domains? It used to be you could just type “” and get pubmed. Now, some cyber squatter has put some worthless spam search on the site. Before I realized it wasn’t a site redesign my search got me redirected…

  • Stop Lurking Paul Krugman

    Sometimes I’m reading essays in major newspapers and have to wonder if they’ve been reading denialism blog. Today, Krugman on Santorum: Nor is this only about sex and religion: he has also declared that climate change is a hoax, part of a “beautifully concocted scheme” on the part of “the left” to provide “an excuse…

  • Everything is Terrible

    Denialism fans, you might enjoy the archive of informercials at my favorite website, Everything is Terrible. It’s so much fun to watch all those lame infomercials from the 80s and 90s and realize how little has changed in the marketing world. Okay, back to Chair Dancing.

  • New Years Resolutions

    As you can see, mine included blogging again. Fortunately, I’m in a brief research hiatus from surgical residency, so for the next year or so, I actually have some free time. Today I was inspired to start by the Huffington Post of all things, and with good news!

  • QOTD: Fuckin Magnets, How Do They Work?

    A response is requested from a non-scientist.

  • Is This Punk?

    What is this business about the Broadway opening of Green Day’s American Idiot? Both the Journal and the Times have reported on it, and in the process, defamed an entire genre by describing Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong as a “punk” rocker. This musical, which opened at the Berkeley Rep a few months ago (to…

  • Christian Libertarian Wefare Queen

    Shamelessly stolen from Gawker: Brick Fatwa Libertarian Also Gets Fat Government Checks. For what? A preventable disease! Oh, what ever happened to personal responsibility? Illustration: A typical American male libertarian in its natural habitat