LOL Creationists III

Ok, here is my final thread on LOL creationists (see the previous entries). Anti-evolution brings us some entries, this is my favorite (below the fold – it’s a tad dirty).

From Dustin:

I also like the DaveScot and Sal Cordova mockery with a denialist tinge (from Farland):

Someone’s going to have to explain this one to me:

We have an excellent explanation for why T-Rex wasn’t allowed on the ark:

This is a great entry from a reader who wished to remain anonymous:

Tyler DiPietro’s entry

Ok that’s it. If anyone has more genius ideas leave them in the comments. It’s time to put this meme to bed.

One thought on “LOL Creationists III”

  1. The T-rex on the ark one needs to be copied onto a large billboard near Ken Ham’s new museum.

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