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The laptop is fixed..er…or rather was never really broken. Somehow the kitten managed to kill the cord, and the loose ac power inlet was an incidental finding.

One new power cord later (for the life of me I can’t figure out how she did it) I’ve got my precious back.

Some key denialism links though I’ve been enjoying

Orac on bad anti-science comedy

Just about everybody talking about the former Surgeon General’s muzzling by the Bush administration. Should we be surprised that the administration’s new nominee is a homobigot endorsed by the fake family values groups? I must admit, I’m getting sick of these guys putting up with this crap for years, then only doing something about it after they’re out of the job. Are they deluded into thinking they can change the anti-science politics of this administration?

Finally, I’d like to thank the people who gave me good computer advice and offered help, especially Batz, Terry, and Ray. My machine is getting a bit old and when it does die, it sounds like I’ll likely make the switch to a mac that dual-boots or runs parallels. Seems like the best of both worlds.


  1. Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD

    I must admit, I’m getting sick of these guys putting up with this crap for years, then only doing something about it after they’re out of the job.

    I was thinking the same thing. He claims he was muzzled and censored; I’m thinking, suppose he had gone to those dinners and given those speeches, that might have led to a very public firing, and that would have tipped the media & public about what was going on.

  2. bigTom

    I think you may be in denial about “your kitten”. I recently had a broken (but not really computer). Turning it on I got a buzz sound, and nothing else. Turns out the corner of a book was resting on the F2 key!

    The SGs complaints aren’t at all surprising to any of us (If I can make such a general statement). I can understand that one wouldn’t want to raise a public stink about one’s boss while still working for him. In any case its one more peice of evidence (from a Republican appointee), about the RWOS. Not that yet more evidence is going to dissuade any of the denialists.

  3. I think enough has been said about the Surgeon General flap, so I will not add any more on that subject.

    About your computer, though, I cannot resit making the suggestion that you set it up to triple boot: Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Choose a Linux distro that has a live CD and/or DVD. That way, if you cannot boot at all, you can still use the machine on a limited basis. Sometimes you can use the live CD to recover your data when the thing won’t boot.

    Come to think of it, maybe that’s possible with Mac OS X too, I can’t recall. It is not possible with Windows (or at least it is not possible to do it legally.)

  4. I think that the issue with the surgeon general (and others in this misadministration) is a little more complex and may come under “Denialism” in a different vector.

    Many people (and I went through this myself) will continue in an intolerable situation because
    a: then deny that the situation is really that bad and
    b: the best way to fix a system is from within.

    Maybe the Surgeon General believed that he could bring a little bit of reality to the anti-science group in control of our country.

    Would denial of denialism be considered denialism?


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