I love Blogs 4 Brownback

Today’s post is one of the best ever. Woodwinds are the instruments of Satan.


  1. antelope

    I always thought it was fiddles.

  2. Nobody ever seems to like my posts. I’m thinking about packing it in.

  3. ha!
    …oh, wait…they’re serious?

  4. Ex-drone

    I thought that the reference to 1 Cor 14:7 was very telling:

    If even inanimate musical instruments, such as the flute or the harp, do not give distinct notes, how will anyone [listening] know or understand what is played?

    By extension, concepts must be distinct, i.e., simplistic and, ideally, dichotomic. Things must clearly right and wrong. Woodwinds are too nuanced and relativisic. Their richness and subtleness hurt the ears of righteous listeners. But then again, there is something diabolic and anti-social about bagpipes.

  5. Nick Johnson

    Clearly, only women should be allowed to play woodwinds. That eliminates one of their objections, at least.

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