So many sciencebloggers, so little time

As any scienceblog reader now knows, we all met up in NYC this weekend. I met many of my sciblings for the first time, including Orac, Tara, PZ, Chris Mooney and the lovely Sheril, Grrl, Zuska (we hatched an evil plot muahaha), Mo, Kemibe, Bora, Janet, Shelley, Rob Knop, RPM, Jake and Kara, Jason, Mike Dunford (his goatee is bigger in real life), our seed overlords and many many more. I learned I don’t know how to pronounce allochthonous, not even close. Also, Steve Higgins is identifiable from a picture of half his head, and Razib is kind of evil. I wish we had a few more days since I still didn’t manage to meet everybody. Maybe next time we should go to a nice inexpensive island paradise. Beer in NYC isn’t cheap.

We also had a fun round table discussion on Saturday morning on science and society. It has inspired me to start a revolution, you’ll here about it soon. Once the video is up we’ll be sure to let you know. I might even have some pictures to post as well.

In the meantime, I have to actually get some work done, and I’ll probably resume covering the usual denialism and psuedoscientific claptrap tomorrow.