Quiet Week

I’ve been trying to get some work done this week, hence the slow week.

In the meantime, please consider a visit to to the Unicorn Museum, soon to open up near another museum for other imaginary beliefs.


  1. We’re fast approaching our 500,000th reader comment, and to celebrate the occasion we’re giving away some great prizes.

    Firstoff, win a trip to Boston/Cambridge, Cambridge, or SF? That’s a prize? (I hereby announce that if I win, I pledge to gladly send some needy student in my stead as long as I don’t get stuck for the tax.)

    The cups seem cool, but you’d need to deliver it to a dead drop. Fortunately, Virginia and Maryland have many.

    If the prize was a trip to McMurdo, or Resolute, …now that would be cool.

  2. Chris H

    Mark, you better win, and the best science city better be San Francisco.

  3. Interesting prize, but ive been to America once before, and I hated it. Though I think I saw a dud area. I went to Florida – the area had been completly taken over by Disney, with the required amount of sickeningly sweet sugar coating and merchandising. I hardly saw anything that wasn’t Disney-related in some way.

    The only good part was my realisation that cinnamon is delicious. Its common in florida, but quite obscure in the UK.

    Also, your icky under-voltage power fried my mobile phone.

  4. You brits need to stop visiting florida and acting like that’s the US. How would you like to be judged based on a trip to Wales, eh?

    Top Gear did the same thing, took a trip through the absolute armpit of America and then passed judgement. I need to find out who these americans were who kept asking Jeremy Clarkson “y’want cheese wi’that?” I’ve never been asked that in my life, and I lived in Wisconsin, for pete’s sake (actually, maybe that’s the problem, why would you ask if you can’t conceive of a person who WOULDN’T want cheese?).

    That said, I’d probably pick cambridge, UK, unless I could use the Boston trip as an excuse to take the HP Lovecraft themed New England vacation I’ve always wanted.

  5. You’re basing your entire opinion of America not only on Florida but on Orlando? Of course the place was insanely Disney-fied, it’s the freaking location of the Disney World resort!!!!!

    I hated Europe when I was there. I went to this place called Auchwitz. That whole continent is soooooo depressing.

  6. Suricou, please come back, and visit NYC and SF!

  7. Goldrush

    That’s right. Support the Unicorn Museum, so they can put up a billboard across the street from the Creation Museum. Maybe they’ll draw a little business away, too.

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