Internet Roundup

Here’s what I’m reading this morning.

An Orangutan stole a womans pants in Malaysia. That’s got to be embarrassing, but at the very least, you’d have a story to tell people for the rest of your life that is sure to entertain.

Congress, having solved all other problems is looking into the language of hip-hop. Someone needs to find the youtube of this testimony.

But rapper and record producer Levell Crump, known as David Banner, was defiant as lawmakers pressed him on his use of offensive language. ”I’m like Stephen King: horror music is what I do,” he said in testimony laced with swear words. ”Change the situation in my neighborhood and maybe I’ll get better,” he told one member of Congress.

Swallowing the Camel lists the worlds weirdest/stupidest conspiracies, however manages to leave out “a cruise missile hit the Pentagon”. The troofers, of course, make an appearance and immediately churn out the usual debunked nonsense.

Super-crank Ahmadinejad apparently thinks Iran has no homosexuals. I don’t think there is any type of crankery this moron would not embrace (including 9/11 troof), so I can’t admit to any surprise.

Christopher Monckton, famous global warming denialist, apparently told a lie about why he had to sell his house. Once again, not surprised.

From the comments, someone points out they finally fired the vegan proselytizing teacher. He apparently wouldn’t return to work until everyone in the world converted to his lifestyle. I’m sure it was a hard choice for the school district.

Finally, one last piece of crank news, Paul Cameron has announced the formation of a new crank journal to study human sexuality. I can guess what its first article will say. Something like “teh gay kills”. One more crank source to track, no big deal.

Any other good crank news?