9/11 cranks sure are paranoid – of each other

One of the latest discussions going on at the 9/11 conspiracy sites is the big question of who are the 9/11 disinformation agents being paid by the government to spread lies and confusion about the events of 9/11. George Washington gives the simple 5 d’s of disinformation to help you figure out who the splitters are:

* Distracting, disrupting, or derailing 9/11 truth efforts;

* Dividing the truth movement; or

* Discrediting leading 9/11 activists

What inflated egos they have to tihnk the government is actually afraid of them or cares enough about their crankery to pay money to influence their silly debates. I can’t help be amused at watching all the infighting between those who are embarrassed by holographic plane theories, to controlled demolition nonsense, to no-plane at the Pentagon etc. The whole discussion reminds me of this clip from Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian”: