Uri Geller makes a comeback!

Watching 30 Rock and the Office tonight I kept on seeing this commercial for a new show called “Phenomenon”. The story goes:

The search for the impossible begins…there are those who claim special powers, but only one can be called the greatest. Now, the mind of Uri Geller, and the mastery of Chris Angel will test them all before the world, and everything you see will be live.

I was cracking up because when they show Geller he’s got this sign that bends behind him. I can’t believe it, he still tries to milk this idea that he can bend metal like he’s some kind of spoon-bending genius.

I’d think he’d give up that angle after James Randi busted his ass on the Carson show – see the video below.

Even Geller’s blog has an idiotic banner with a bent-spoon prominently displayed. What an idiot.

This new show is the American version of “the Successor”, and based on what I’ve seen, he’s continuing his idiotic shtick of presenting himself as a psychic, rather than an just an illusionist (and a crummy one at that). For a preview of the hoaxing you’re likely to see on NBC, friendly skeptic has posted videos from the Israeli show, in which you can see him stick a magnet on his thumb to make it appear that he can manipulate a compass with his mind.

Geller has a history of using bogus copyright claims to try to suppress videos proving he’s a hack and a fake, so make sure to check these out before they disappear.

This actually might be a lot of fun, because I bet other magicians, like Penn and Teller, like Johnny Carson before them, will have a blast showing how these guys are using simple illusions to provide proof of their claims of mystical abilities. From what I understand magicians get a little pissed when you try to claim supernatural powers for what is, in the end, just slight-of-hand. It might be fun to watch, and live blog with a magician to see who can spot the tricks. Anyone up for that? Anyone know a good magician? Preferably one who blogs? And who hates hacks?