Who’s Nuttier: Apple Fans or Ron Paul Fans?

Kevin Poulsen of Threat Level considers who’s nuttier: Apple fans or Ron Paul fans? Complete with obfuscation, lying, and even fake posts on election sites. (Full disclosure: I am an Apple fan.)


  1. It’s like a perverted Sophie’s Choice in reverse. No?

    For fans of the snarky comparison genre, may I recommend Alan Smithee’s film blog. Not really wanting to drive traffic from you, but the Apple/Ron Paul comparison is weak. The comparison genre is valid when done right tho, so just pointing out a reference model.

  2. I think the resulting comment thread on that threat-level answers the question definitively. Maybe I hang with a saner group of mac-heads, but I don’t see quite so much group-think when responding to an Apple-bashing article.

  3. Well, Ron Paul is a valid target for this blog, as he and his disciples are die-hard denialists about pretty much everything under the sun, from vaccines to global warming to 9/11 Twoof.

  4. And all this time you never told us you were an Apple head. It’s ok, we still admire your work.

  5. Well, at least the Ron Paul supporters will disappear as soon as he’s out of the race. No such luck for the iCultists.

  6. Der Bruno Stroszek

    Prediction for what this comments thread will look like very soon:

    Don’t knock Ron Paul! He is our one last hope for a free America! Polls have shown he is more popular than every presidential candidate ever! He has something to offer everyone, from 9/11 wackos to militiamen! I am not a sockpuppet!
    Posted by: Freddy von Astroturf | November 9, 2007 6:66 PM

  7. Graculus

    Maybe I hang with a saner group of mac-heads

    Got it in one. (We refer to the behaviour as “fAppleing”).

    The difference being that Apple users *have* a fringe, Ron Paul supporters *are* a fringe.

  8. minimalist

    Ron Paul, the official presidential candidate of Stormfront (yes, really).

  9. (We refer to the behaviour as “fAppleing”).

    Oh god! That’s going right into my custom dictionary along with “Flasheterbation”.

  10. Ooh, we’re a cult now?

    Ia! Ia! Jobs fhtagn!

  11. You have to admit that it is the best blog title you’ve seen in a long time!
    You can’t take it seriously. That article is such a parody on all the news about the candidates – that’s not denialism! (I’m sure you were also just kidding) There is definately a certain truthiness about that article. Reminds me of The Onion’s questions for the average American…

    Apple fans are way nuttier, btw. If by nutty you mean someone who is not your average American. But technophiles in general are wackos for the most part and most Apple fans are technophiles…

  12. Apple fans. This video explains why.


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