What was in Criss Angel’s envelope?

I watched the season finale of phenomenon – the show in which mentalists compete to see who is the next “phenomenon” – and Criss Angel did skeptics everywhere proud with the contents of the envelope.

You may remember his fight with the paranormal fraud we talked about last time. It started when Angel offered 1 million dollars of his own money to who could tell him what was in an envelope, thus demonstrating their psychic power. The psychic fraud, Jim Callahan, and Uri Geller got all upset and called him closed-minded, yada yada. Good times were had by all.

Luckily Callahan got kicked after this, because really, his act stank like a frat house on Sunday. But he returned briefly during the final episode to show how he wasn’t a magician but a “paranormalist”. His proof? A cheesy rope trick. He’s such a hack, it really is sad. I mean, really? A rope trick? That’s how you’re going to show your paranormal abilities?

Back to the envelope. Angel gives Geller one last shot, and of course, the tool hemmed and hawed, and said nothing. But the ultimate screw you to the psychic pretenders was what was in it. A simple piece of paper with the numbers 911. It made a beautiful and simple point. If these people had abilities that let them see the future, why can’t they ever do anything useful with it? If they really are such magical wonders, why do they spend their time working audiences with gimmicks mainstream mentalists can perform?

I thought it was a great point. Angel, despite his hair cut, kicks ass.