Here’s my impression of Barry Arrington

I don’t have the time to be anything but a jerk today so I’m going to imitate Barry Arrington of Uncommon Descent, who tried to place the blame for the most recent shootings at a church on atheist writers.

You see, yesterday, there was an attack on the New York subway. In one of those events generally embarrassing (and oddly redeeming) for humanity, a man was attacked for replying “Happy Hanukkah” when someone wished him “Merry Christmas”. Oddly, the fight was broken up when a Muslim guy rescued the Jewish guy from the Christian guy.

Now, if I was a giant screaming asshole like Barry A, I’d say something like, “People like Bill O’Reilly who make up the imaginary ‘war on Christmas’ or Ann Coulter and her remarks about Christians being ‘perfected Jews’ should consider themselves responsible for this event. If they didn’t promote their pro-Christmas, pro-Christian agenda, no one would feel the need to attack Jewish people for wishing them a Happy Hanukkah.”

After all, crazy assholes aren’t responsible for their behavior. It’s the people who write books! They were just following orders (still looking for those “kill Christians” orders in The God Delusion). Just like the Matrix made the DC sniper kid shoot all those people – it was the movie’s fault, not the kid’s. And this bus stop shooting over a girl, if right wingers weren’t constantly pushing a heterosexual agenda, maybe we wouldn’t see people killing over heterosexual sex.

You see? It’s easy to be a giant asshole. All you have to do is take your ideology, ghoulishly apply it to recent tragedies so as to scapegoat whoever you dislike, and then act surprised when people think you’re a monster. How’d I do?