Mike Adams is so stupid it hurts

Yes, I know, I’m stating the obvious again. But I just couldn’t resist when I saw this. In his never-ending quest to attack all science that doesn’t affirm his belief that vitamin D and fruit smoothies will cure all disease, he’s gone after the new new induced pluripotent stem cell findings. As far as I know, he’s the only one to criticize the new technology as a whole, and his reasoning?

Really I can’t believe he’s this stupid. Reasoning, is the wrong word for this.

Let’s ask instead, what is his demented, completely ignorant, insipid, moronic justification?

While less controversial, the stem cells produced by the new technique appear to be carcinogenic. When Yamanaka’s team implanted the cells into mouse embryos, those embryos developed as expected — with the DNA of the original stem cell, not of the embryo. But mice cloned in this fashion eventually developed neck tumors.

“It seems that everyone in the mainstream media is so excited about this new stem cell technique that they forgot to notice the fact that it leads to the growth of cancer tumors,” said consumer health advocate Mike Adams.

That’s right, they cause “cancer tumors”. I’m not sure what I find the most stupid about Adams’ analysis. Is it that he acts like he’s discovered something that everyone, including our blog, has acknowledged is a current problem with the technology? Is it the idiotic assumption that we are already thinking about injecting these cells willy-nilly into embryos? Is it his knee-jerk tendency to attack any legitimate medical advance? Or is it his description of the problem as “cancer tumors”?

Ah well, what can you expect from a guy who publishes germ theory denial on his website. If you want a laugh read the explanation of how raising your blood pH (generally considered a really bad idea – luckily your body won’t let you alter its pH easily) is the solution to all disease.

I can’t really bring myself to do more than just point and laugh at this denialism. I’m too busy studying real medicine.