Surely we can get KBR under RICO

Reading about the latest atrocity by KBR that is the cover up of a rape of a US citizen by its contractors (apparently one of many), I ask the lawyers a question. Surely there is enough on KBR (formerly known as the evil wing of Halliburton – now independent) now to get a RICO indictment on them, correct?

I realize they do this all overseas where they apparently enjoy complete immunity from anything ranging from fraud to cannibalism. But I have difficulty believing that they manage to keep 100% of their criminal misbehavior overseas. I mean, every time we hear some bad news about Halliburton, it isn’t actually Halliburton. It’s always these crooks at KBR. I would ask where are the Democrats on this, but what seems more apt is where are the Republicans? They’re supposed to be the law and order party. Where’s the law and order? This poor woman gets raped, and then after reporting it imprisoned in a shipping crate by KBR. Probably the only reason she didn’t end up in a shallow grave in the desert is she got a cell phone call in to her father who then contacted their congressman and the state department.

And what is with this arbitration nonsense? At a certain point, such as after gang rape, your contract with your company is no longer valid and you get to sue them in federal court for civil rights abuse.