Still Alive!

All, I’m sorry for being AWOL on the Denialism Blog. I’ve just returned from a longish trip with Dr. Girlfriend to Guatemala, where we visited Guatemala City, Lake Atitlan, Antigua, and Tikal. I’ll blog soon with some of the outrageous woo we encountered in San Marcos. But for now, enjoy the view from our place on Lake Atitlan!



  1. Beautiful picture! Thanks and Happy 2008!
    Dave Briggs :~)

  2. I’ve just returned from a longish trip with Dr. Girlfriend

    So you’re into the hot body/raspy male voice types, eh?

  3. Wow! It’s better than the view from my window.

    By the sounds of the bangs outside, they’re already starting to dismantle 2007 here. So, happy 2008 to one and all.


  4. I had the “Still Alive!” song from Portal stuck in my head just before I clicked over. Mostly because I think it reminds me of the sorts of unethical human experiments woos love to do, only exaggerated.

    For those who’ve already played or had Portal spoiled, like I did, here’s a link I found entertaining.

  5. Steve P.

    Holy cow, how did you ever leave?

  6. @Cain, but I can’t get her to dress as Jackie O!

    @Steve, scorpions in my bedroom and no potable water!

  7. Wow! Fantastic

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