Defining New Age

One last note on my trip to Guatemala–as part of it, we traveled to Tikal, to see the ruins. Here’s the view from one of the temples early in the morning.


Okay. So, our tour guide is relating various facts of dubious veracity on the ride to town. And then he says that a new religion has been invented, making my ears perk up. Very earnestly, he says:

It’s a combination of science, astrology, and one’s own ideas. It is called New Age

I almost fell out of my seat! What a great definition!


  1. Crudely Wrott

    Well, I’ll bet this is a first. A new religion is formed and it automatically has at least three billion adherents! Presto.

  2. John Squire

    Weird coincidence. Last night I was reading Bruce Sterling’s 1989 collection of short stories, Crystal Express. One of the stories (Spook) is set in Tikal, where a science-fiction-y revival of the Mayan religion is underway.

  3. Yeah but….where’s the science? Am I missing something?

  4. noodlesoup

    Belief in the Invisible Pink Unicorn is based upon both science and faith. Science informs us that she must be invisible because she cannot be seen while we have Faith she Pink.

  5. What science?

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