Edyth London targeted again by animal rights terrorists

I’m very upset to see that following up on previous threats, animal rights terrorists have set fire to a scientist’s house.

I’ve been saying for a while that the real threat towards biological science isn’t the evolution denialists and other silly cranks’ rather laughable attempts at trying to convince people the earth is 6000 years old.The real threat is what we’ve seen in England and other countries of extremist violence against scientists for using animals in research. These actions are often justified based upon the absurd premise that research can be performed without the use of animals.

Let’s be clear, biological science and medicine are dependent on animals and animal products. From basic research to implantation of heart valves, the success of medicine and medical research is dependent on the use of animals and biological materials. While one can disagree with the ethics of using animals for research, one can not deny, without being dishonest, the absolute requirement of animals for the advancement of biological science, and for current therapeutic modalities used every day in medicine. And I think we can all agree that setting fire to Edyth London’s house has more than met the definition of domestic terrorism on the part of the animal rights extremists.

It’s fine if you think it’s immoral to use animals for medical research, I’m not upset by this. But realize that if ALF and PETA have their way there will be no biological research. It is not possible without animals, and if they’re going to be honest about their objectives they have to make it clear to their supporters that the agenda of animal liberationists (note not animal welfare) includes the cessation of progress in biomedical science. Further the groups behind this action have made it clear that they believe scientists may be killed to save animal lives.

Where do you stand? Should it be acceptable to terrorize people like London for using animals in research? Do you agree with Vlasak that people like me should be killed to save animals’ lives? Or are we going to be realistic about the role of animals in research and honestly explain to people that the ultimate objective of these terrorists will be the elimination of progress in multiple fields of research? If they still agree with these extremists based upon that information that’s one thing, but I don’t think that most people realize how extreme the objectives of animal liberationists really are.