Save Katie!

Today, I joined about 100 hooligans in the anti-scientology protest in San Francisco, as part of Project Chanology, a large-scale effort to call attention to abuses committed by the cult of Scientology. Many protestors had serious signs that called attention to the various ways in which Scientology censors speech and defrauds people. But after watching this crazy video of Tom Cruise, the Viking and I decided that the real victim of all this craziness is Katie Holmes. Poor Katie.



  1. Looks like someone might have defaced the link to Project Chanology.

  2. Yow! That was sick. Who knew the the defenders of Scientology had such a collection of porn.

  3. Aaron Lemur Mintz

    Peter Watts has some harsh words for Anonymous. Well, not that harsh. But he makes good points.

  4. Sophie Hirschfeld

    The cheesy ending of that video made me real life LOL.

    That is really scary … all the things that dogma does to a person. Though, if he’s so driven to help people, I wonder what his charitable acts are, really. Does he donate to anything outside of Scientology or do anything outside of it that is remarkable?

  5. Not just Katie. Get that kid away from him before he kills it with Scientology “medicine”.

  6. Looks like may be under a DOS attack. Wouldn’t surprise me any.

  7. Expect us. Beware the Ides of March.

  8. I wanted to go to the London protest, but there were family issues.

    In the form of one very panicked mother screaming that if I went anywhere near that protest she would decide I am too irresponsible to leave the house until I am seventy.

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