To NY City

This is meetup weekend for the sciencebloggers and remember, we’re planning to hang out with readers at 2:00 pm on Saturday, August 9, at Social (795 8th Ave).

Drop by, say hello, and meet the scibs!


  1. The ImposterCommenter

    You may have some unexpected guests. Orac has had a determined anti-vax commenter, Dawn — she publicized the meeting in a hardcore anti-vax email list

    The Pro-Vaccine community is having a Pow-wow

    **Anyone live in the area? Would you like to put a face to their names? These are the same people who blog on They are also the same individuals spreading their hatred and lies against the anti-vaccine community by responding to numerous news articles.

  2. Wow, science bloggers have so much to hide in their pro-vax conspiracy (I thought it wasn’t pro-vax, just anti BS) that they go to great lengths to hide their faces and identities. Just like Hoffnagles and PalMD, and PZ Myers…oh wait, their photos are on their blogs.

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