Open thread—troll anmesty

The recent uptick in troll traffic here and at Orac’s place got me thinking. Many of the trolls have been making unsophisticated attacks on the truth without actually stating a hypothesis. And that got me thinking even more. If they could only state their questions properly, there would be some useful fodder for discussion. There are few stupid questions, but questions can be asked in a fairly useless way. Why not invite people to make interesting assertions, and help them frame the question properly?

The object of this thread is to invite folks to ask questions that are sometimes dismissed as being wacky, and to show them how to properly ask a question, and perhaps even answer some of them. Many true trolls will refuse to ask a proper question, so this may also serve to separate real questions from simple idiocy.

So welcome to the troll amnesty thread. Try to state actual medical/scientific questions that have been bothering you. Feel free to post under a new ‘nym if you wish. And if you have a special knowledge, feel free to chime in to help re-frame and answer questions.