I am embarrassed



by the San Francisco Chronicle for giving a lot of uncritical coverage to a pet psychic in “Marla Steele makes pet talk a two-way street.” This “psychic” discusses Reiki (and the ability to do it from a distance–“energy broadcasting”), among other thing. And here’s the reporter’s hardball question:

What do you say to skeptics? I completely appreciate people’s skepticism. I first heard about animal communication from a coworker at Nordstrom’s who was paying $100 to talk to a pet psychic in Oregon about her German Shepherd. I always listened politely to her stories, but secretly thought she must just have money to burn, or be crazy, or both. Now we laugh because I not only became a pet psychic, I also appear on radio and television talk shows all over the country.



  1. Richard Eis

    So she found out she could make $100 a time from people like her friend who would believe any old rubbish, so she became a pet psychic. Then she was laughing. Yup. She’s got every right to have a good giggle i think.

  2. You expect anything different in San Francisco?

  3. That quote is a confession. She just dressed it up so she can deny it (easily) if pressed by her fans.

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