Million Comment Party

So, due to circumstances beyond his control, Ed over at Dispatches won’t be able to plan our Michigan party, so we’re going to do it in the Detroit metro area on Saturday, Sept. 20th. I don’t have the place yet, but I’m getting the idea that there are a few definite maybes. Let me know (again if necessary).


  1. Aaron Avalos

    The omission of a investigation is the acceptance of the endangerment of the public safety.

  2. Ronnie M.


  3. man we have lenski and pennock but we still don’t get the party? sigh.

    definite maybe. i’d vote for AA or Ypsi.

  4. If you can get Lenski to come….

  5. The Blind Watchmaker

    Definate ‘maybe’. Keep us posted. 🙂

  6. Given my basic laziness business, I’m thinking about naming a not-too-busy pub in a decent neighborhood and buying the first few rounds for whomever shows.

  7. On the one hand, I would love to be close enough to actually check it out. OTOH, it was depressing enough to go through Detroit the last time I was there (almost four years ago, when I left MI for the PacNW).

    My brother is quite the scalawag. In the face of such unexpected, crushing responsibility, I would do the pub thing too.

  8. Hi Pal,

    My email to you at Yahoo was bounced back.

    There is a pre-med asking about which program (MD vs DO) to enter. Several MDs have left thoughtful answers; but you may have something further to offer.

    As an outsider, I find the opinions interesting, too.

  9. Hmmm..i’ll check my email settings and check out the thread when i have a minute

  10. Thanks. I may have mis-typed your email address. When it failed, it seemed reasonable that you could have abandoned it after switching blogs.

  11. well it never hurts to ask, eh? i’ll talk to my pals in his lab, see what they say.

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