Newsflash! Mercola bemoans ignorance of Americans! Offers to help for only $25/month!

I’m off to the west coast (of Michigan) for a few days, and if I don’t blog, I shall die…or something. So I have a few posts from my old blog to share with you.

This is rich. This is really rich. Mercola is speaking out against the one thing that keeps him in business: the scientific illiteracy and credulity of Americans. He bemoans ignorance that leads to beliefs such as “the Sun revolves around the Earth”, or the bird flu panic. Then, presumably with a straight face, he invites you to join his “inner circle”, further perpetuating ignorance, and relieving you of the inconvenience carrying around twenty-five bucks that was burning a hole in your pocket (that’s per month).

His “inner circle” includes access to such venerable titles as, “The Psychology of Vaccine Injury Awareness, Plus Excerpts from the Book The Sanctity of Human Blood Vaccination Is NOT Immunization”, and, “Ancient Dietary Wisdom for Tomorrow’s Children”.

Want to avoid ignorance? How about reading the newspaper? Joining a book club? Reading reliable online health resources? Avoiding quacks and cranks?