Berkeley’s New Monument to Itself [Updated]

So, here it is. Titled “Berkeley’s Big People,” it is installed along I-80, so those of you driving north of San Francisco will probably see it, as it is 30 feet tall and visible from a mile away.

Given the landscape of “free speech,” it would have been much more appropriate to have erected a large Don Quixote, fending off autism-causing vaccines, and tilting at a windmill atop a stolen shopping basket full of junk but missing it because he was high. And then declaring victory.

Updates: my Berkeley friends respond! All of these responses are incredibly valuable, so you are to be subjected to them now!

AC asks: “‘lower sproul plaza drumming circle’ is listed as a cultural contribution?”

and then remarks: “mmm … i think you should round up some little people and protest the name. it’s offensive.”

BG remarks that after victory is declared, the statute should depict: “…pooping on the street!”