Don’t Let Him Defecate!

This will be Orac’s new favorite show, perhaps the best reality show ever made.

Meet Shirley Ghostman. The UK’s premier psychic who is mounting a search for the UK’s next psychic superstar.

Watch his students cry as he channels Lady Di!

Watch as he brings forth a evil serial killer in the presence of his students:

Shirley even takes on the skeptics!

This guy is a genius, I just about plotzed, and the narration by Patrick Stewart is awesome. I also love it in terms of what denialism blog has always talked about. The problem with the people who believe this stuff is that they simply have no gauge of reality, no ability to judge what evidence makes sense or not. Shirley beats them over the head with this fact for hours at a time and they just can’t figure it out. True, it’s sad, but damn is it funny.