The Adman Can Attack Afflictions!

The Times’ Amanda Schaffer covers a retrospective of public health posters on display at the National Academies until December 19th, 2008. The catalog (pdf) is online.

My favorite:

It reads:

“No home remedy or quack doctor ever cured syphilis or gonorrhea. See your doctor or local health officer.”

You could replace “syphilis or gonorrhea” with just about anything! Perhaps we should reissue this poster to deal with the modern quacks!


  1. Denice Walter

    Chris: I know how much you just *love* woo and (I venture a guess) similarly *love* MLM- so imagine if you can an unholy marriage of the two.Mike Adams is recruiting(via;see articles of 10/16,10/28, and 10/30/2008)for four companies(think Amway/Quixtar).Not to be outdone, Gary Null(via his radio woo fest) is advocating that his acolytes have “home parties”(think Tupperware) showing his “documentaries” and selling his products as a way to supplement their incomes in these “troubled economic times”.

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