Watch the returns here!

Watch it happen live! And if I can, I’ll though in some useless editorializing.

Now fivethirtyeight and CNN have excellent widgets to watch as well. is especially cool, as it has developed a nice reputation for actually being right. Currently, they are projecting a rather wide victory for Obama.

Ohio an Penn!!!!!


  1. May I say, as an Australian, how pleased I am to see that there appears to be sanity in America, Ragnarok seems to have been delayed, and the world can heave a cautious sigh of relief.

  2. Not only did Obama win, but the Democrats will control both the House and the Senate.

    George W. Bush, you DESTROYED the credibility of the Republican Party! Now, if we can bury it completely and find a more credible party to represent Conservatives’ interests, such as the Liberterians, we will all be better off.


  3. Dear America,
    Welcome back to the free world, we missed you.
    Yours sincerley,

  4. Denice Walter

    Like our British cousins, we too can say,”Remember, remember the fifth of November”:(in our case) the day the 21st century started…finally!

  5. That is the most beautiful map I’ve ever seen!

    (Though I sure wish my state would be blue someday!)

  6. Yes, welcome to a world where all the hard work, commitment and dedication that you have put into your profession/career is considered worthless, a world where you are demeaned and vilified for being successful. Yeah, that feels just peachy…I can’t wait to start calling my fellow workers “comrade” since I am now just a cash cow for the proletariat (although w/ the tax hike I will get I will no longer be a cash cow). I am against the war in Iraq, I am for reproductive rights (except the third trimetster abortions that Obama loves sicken me), I believe in my tax dollars being used wisely to help those less fortunate, but I do not believe in Obama’s disdain for those who work hard and are successful.

  7. LanceR, JSG

    Shall we count the straw men, distortions, and outright falsehoods in Laura’s post? I count six. Or shall we just shrug and ignore the troll?

  8. Laura, you’re an idiot.
    Obama is about as socalist as my cat.

  9. Is your cat’s name “Lenin”?

  10. On the bright side

    Some of Science Blogs favorite punching bags handily won reelection: Go Inhofe and Stevens!

  11. My cat is called Sam, he spends his profiting from my work and torturing weaker creatures. Very much the capitalist of Stalin’s proaganda.

  12. Should read “spends his time profiting”, I really need to start preveiwing…

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