And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

Farkitrol® for Missing White Girl Syndrome
Farkitrol® for Beach Depression / Shark Mania (BDSM)
Farkitrol® for Dangerous Playgrounditis (DP)
Farkitrol® for Mediastatial Germaphobia


  1. I think they’d like us to believe that they are user driven, but it all seems so much agenda management.
    If it was real people sending stuff in, it wouldn’t have all those colourful logos on it.

  2. I’ll take it! I’ll take twelve!

  3. For I site upgrade, posting seems just as slow and fucked up as before. I do not see any improvement on my end.

  4. minimalist

    Yeah, if anything, posting takes even longer to register. It’s rather annoying.

    Are the upgrades actually complete or in an intermediate stage? I hope it’s the latter…

  5. Pareidolius

    I am SO asking my doctor if Farkitrol is right for me, my BDSM is acting up something fierce.

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