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Mrs. Pal just called me upstairs where she was watching Barbara Walters. She (Walters, not Mrs Pal) was interviewing actor Patrick Swayze who is battling metastatic pancreatic cancer, a disease which will certainly kill him. Walters asked him quite a bit about the disease and treatment, and Swayze, whose answers were earthy, but pretty accurate, gave a compelling interview. He is no graduate of Google U.; he spoke frankly about his suffering, his hopes, his fears, but didn’t claim to be any sort of expert outside of his own experience.

Walters asked him if he was using any alternative medicine. He unenthusiastically noted that he was taking a few Chinese herbs, but roundly dismissed alternative medicine as a hope for him:

If anybody had that cure out there like so many people swear to me they do, you’d be two things: you’d be very rich and you’d be very famous— otherwise shut up .

Patrick, thank you. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


  1. I caught that part of the interview on the web.
    I hope I can remain so positive about things if it’s ever my turn. The line about quackery was appropriate also.

  2. Of course, once he’s safely dead, we’ll be hearing from woo advocates about how they could have saved him if only he had turned to them in time.


  3. While I mostly agree with the sentiment, a part of me doesn’t like it. I immediately think of Nikola Tesla, who died in his hotel room in broke and mostly unknown to the public.

    Anyway, for the most part, I would agree.

  4. mayhempix

    My respect for Swayze has increased 100 fold.

  5. Glad to see some Hollywood types still have their brain cells intact, I was losing hope after Jim Carrey joined the antivax brigade. His realistic attitude and acceptance of what’s going on should help him a lot during the horrible times he’s got ahead of him. Kudos Mr Swayze.

  6. Yeah, I saw him say that and was heartened.

    The rest of the interview was rather ghoulish. Of course as emaciated and callow as Swayze looked he still looked better than Walters.

  7. Typo alert! Wrote “callow” meant to type “sallow”.

  8. (No) Free Lunch

    Nikola Tesla, who died in his hotel room in broke and mostly unknown to the public.

    The woomeisters seem to have no problem getting their ideas out into the public or making money on the credulity of those who buy into it.

  9. Lorraine Cameron

    It seems to me that a Whole lot of People come out with extremely useless Words when they are told of someones illness. It’s a totally “Private Thing” . But if your a Hollywood Known then almost everyone on the Planet gets in on it ,and that is “OUR” Shame. Leave Mr Patrick Swayze and his beautiful wife alone..They have many Hard Days ahead of them . They are a private couple and have a lot of “Living To Do” .
    I wish you Both well whatever the future brings your way.
    My favourite movies your in well who could go past “The North and South” ‘Youngblood’ ‘The Outsiders” Point Break” “Ghost” and the list goes on ETC ETC ETC ..
    Keep well Mr Swayze…
    NEW SOUTH WALES…AUSTRALIA…..Lorraine Cameron

  10. Um, just a netiquette, thing…This Isn’t the German Language, So really You can feel Free to capitalize as One normally would in English.

    Second, his comments were very public, and the realistic glimpse he gave into the life of someone dealing with cancer was a real gift.

  11. Patrick Swayze

    Thank you for your Kind Thoughts, Lorraine. As you know, I am a Big Fan of this Blog and read it regularly.

    I also encourage you to check out “Roadhouse”, which is surely the Finest Movie in the English, or any other, Language.

  12. Suggested alternate title for this post: “In Which Patrick Swayze Redeems Himself”.

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