Look, Ma, I’m on TV!

Ok, really, it’s bloggingheads.tv. Dr. Free Ride from Adventures in Ethics and Science invited me for a chat about ethics, which you can view, well, right now. Next time, I’ll remember to keep the camera a bit further away.


  1. I wondered why my new Awesome Internist didn’t make me change into the paper gown before my physical! Well, HOORAY for fewer paper gowns in the world! 🙂

    This was a great program– I love hearing people who really love the topic discuss the ins and outs of medical ethics. This is a nice contribution to the field, accessible to patients, scientists, and healthcare providers.

  2. So are you related to Elliot Gould? (not quite the original MASH movie, but a short lived series he was on caled “Doctor”… you reminded me of him).

    It was a nice a discussion.

  3. I forgot to mention (something about having to interrupt watching the video to go to a social function), that I really loved the added sounds and hand movement on the colonoscopy bit. Since I had one last year, I can relate (though the worst part is the prep… take the Fleet beverage, wait a while and SURPRISE!!!).

    By the way, I sometimes wander over to Sciencebasedmedicine, and I noticed that you are at the place as this guy:

    I assume that you guys really don’t meet in the hallway, since he is an oncologist. But there must be some hanging out (you also write for Sciencebasedmedicine).

    By the way, that university is also where the Society of Women Engineers archives are kept (an organization I belong to, I also sent them the scans I did of thirty years of our local history, one of the older sections). When you daughter is old enough, make sure she gets to see it as a way to introduce her to interesting roll models (there is a special “Petticoats and Sliderule” presentation):

  4. Very interesting chat. A lot of the topics that you didn’t address (but mentioned) should be included in future podcasts!

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