This week’s PalCast is still in production, so your patience is appreciated.

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  1. Oh no!

    Pal, I’m off to Europe on Tuesday… and this was part of my listening material for the flight. Will it be up by Tuesday morning?

  2. Hi PalMD,

    I like your program; you really give some valuable off the record professional insight. However, I think you should realize that mind/body (substance) dualism isn’t a scientific view. It’s more properly categorized as a metaphysical view. This is because it deals with the subject of identity, whereas science is the study of causation.

    Now I doubt that I’ve read everything Michael Egnor has written on the subject, but what have read does not indicate that he places his dualism in the arena of causation. If this is the case, then it should have no bearing on his medical practice.

  3. Thanks for the updat.

  4. Anonymous

    Technical difficulties (i.e. couldn’t find a quiet place with all the family around.) If I can’t crank it out quickly, it may wait a few days until I rope in some of the SciOnline folks for interviews.

  5. I loved the intro music to the last episode!

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