Monday, Monday, or “A day in the life”

There’s no way a day can be entirely predictable, but I do like sharing a glimpse into the personal/professional life every once in a while. You see, the personal and professional can’t be so easily disentangled, and whether you are a physician, scientist, grad student, or barrista, you only have one “real life”.

0600: Pager. Nurse reports Mrs. M. has a very high fever and foul-smelling urine. I order cultures and antibiotics, and wander sleepily toward bathroom.

0605: Offspring bursts into bathroom excitedly. “Daddy, I had an accident and I was a little wet and I changed my diaper and my pyjamas all by myself and now I have to go potty and I’m going by myself and can you get out of the way cuz I have to go now and please turn on the lights so I can see and I’m not tired can you come cuddle?”

0610: Cuddle in bed with four-year-old insomniac

0630: Give up and watch Disney while eating waffles

(the rest is predicted)

0800: Arrive at office and look at pile on desk, despondently. Accept scolding from office staff.

0830-1200: See patients at office

12:30: Visit elderly patient with foul-smelling urine and fever.

12:45: Visit dear friends in ICU, one of whom is getting a dose of chemotherapy, the other sitting next to her.

1300-1630: Supervise medical residents in their outpatient clinic.

1635-1700: Check back in with friends in ICU.

1700-2100: Supervise residents in outpatient clinic.

2200: Arrive home, tip-toe into precocious child’s room, kiss and tuck in.

2220: Hang out with spouse, finally.

2330: Fall asleep, hopefully.