The Beautiful Truth

Guess what? A natural therapy can cure cancer, but evil doctors don’t want to tell you about it, because the medical establishment wants to make money with Mosanto and Dupont rather than cure your illnesses! Watch all about it.

Update: Sorry, I missed Orac’s successful attack on this thing. Thanks Science Pundit, for pointing it out.


  1. Orac really tore that movie apart back in November. Definitely a fun read.

  2. The problem this theory has is that history shows that when a cheap cure to a expensive disease arises, it wins out over more expensive treatment.

    Take syphilis. Once upon a time, syphilis was treated with a series of arsenic based treatments that could take multiple treatments over years to affect a cure. Regular doctors did not particularly want to deal with arsenic and the other toxic substances involved. So a specialty arose- the syphologist (sic). They made bank treating people with syphilis.

    Then someone invented penicillin. Suddenly, there was a cheap and easy cure to syphilis. So easy that any doctor, hell any patient with the nerve to stab himself in the bum with a needle could perform. Guess what happened? As a cursory examination of your telephone book will show, the syphologist went extinct as the occupation ancestors of PalMD outcompeted the expensive syphologist and drove them out of business. How was this possible?

    Well insurance companies, patients, and hospitals like saving money. By paying like $20 for the penicillin rather than mucho $$$$ for syphologists, they saved a great deal of money which they spent on luxury cruises, houses, and better salaries- things insurance executives, patients, and hospital administrators like.

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