Patrick McGoohan, Creator of The Prisoner, Dead at 80

“All that remains is . . . recognition of a man.”

Patrick McGoohan, the creator of one of my favorite television series, The Prisoner, has died at 80. The Prisoner was a challenging and entertaining series that explored civil liberties, privacy, individuality, and democracy. My favorite episodes were Free for All and A Change of Mind. The good news is that these and all the other episodes are available online free at AMC.


  1. “The good news is that these and all the other episodes are available online free at AMC.”
    Not to those of us outside the US.
    I guess it recognizes my foreign IP address.
    I am not an IP number! I am a free man!

  2. The next time you’re in Britain, you should head over to Port Meirion in North Wales, the village in which the series was filmed, and a truly unique place.

  3. I’ve stayed at Portmeirion a couple of times and it makes a lovely spot for a holiday, even if you’re not into The Prisoner. As well as the charms of the village itself there’s good access to Snowdonia, Cardigan Bay and Anglesey.

    I also hold fond memories of Danger Man, one of my childhood favourites.

  4. This may sound strange, but I remember him best as a frequent villain on Columbo.

  5. Joe Shelby

    I visited Portmeirion in ’05. Wish I could go back now that I have a decent camera.

  6. Patrick McGoohan

    Had a crush on him back in “Secret Agent Man”.

  7. I AM THE NEW NUMBER TWO!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Here’s an extended Warner Troyer interview with McGoohan on The Prisoner for OECA TV in 1977.

    The Prisoner Puzzle Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3

    (OECA’s other great achievement is the scariest logo animation ever made.)

  9. Pareidolius

    Man, I hope he was carried off to his final rest in a huge, white ball . . .

  10. AdvancedAtheist

    Ironically McGoohan spent much of his life in a country under a head of state bearing an ordinal number in her name. And he belonged to a church headed by men who usually have ordinal numbers in their names as well. Could you imagine the current pope arguing with the men who elected him: “You are Benedict the 16th.” “I am not a number! I am a free man!”

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