SF Chron: Ignore the Anti-Abortion Protestors

In good Denialism blog form, the San Francisco Chronicle’s C. W. Nevius has urged readers to just ignore this week’s anti-abortion protest in San Francisco. He makes a good point:

This is the fifth year in San Francisco for the “Walk for Life.” Bolstered by supporters who are bused in from all over – this year’s bus schedule lists departures from Yuba City, Bakersfield, Fresno, Reno, Clovis and Chico, among other cities – the anti-abortion group stages a march in liberal San Francisco and then expresses shock and disappointment when they are jeered and booed.

It’s a scam and a setup. Nothing gets media attention like two groups facing off against each other. And, frankly, on the 36th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the anti-abortion groups are becoming a tired story. They claim huge numbers for this walk – their estimate last year was 25,000 walkers, although The Chronicle story had the total at 10,000 – but there isn’t much of a news hook unless there’s some controversy. They’d probably get more people if they marched in Indiana, but in San Francisco they can garner much more publicity.

Amen! Stay inside on this Bay Area rainy day!

A blog note: I apologize for the sparse blogging on Denialism Blog. The semester has just started for me, and I am teaching a new course that is taking a huge amount of time. MarkH is flying around the country interviewing. This week he was in San Francisco, where instead of blogging, we ate at Chapeau and the Slanted Door, and went to the gun show. Yes, the gun show. It was hilarious. We bought beef jerky there, considered getting a crossbow to shoot some Ligers, and stocked up on dental tools and compasses for survival post apocalypse.