Nothing But Trouble in Pennsylvania

Does this article about the Pennsyltucky judge who was sending kids to jail to collect kickbacks from a private prison remind anyone of the Chevy Chase movie called Nothing But Trouble?


  1. Roadtripper

    It’s been forever since I saw that movie. As far as I can remember, the main similarity is that neither story is the least bit funny.


  2. What is it with those in the legal and medical professions? Don’t they know computers are everywhere and pretty much every metric from their court or practice is being held in a database, waiting for the day that a prosecutor can prove Medicare fraud or judicial malfeasance?

    I know, I helped prove the case against a doctor who was upcoding his Medicare patients. It became obvious when someone from the IRS forwarded his tax burden data. The logarithmic plots on the graphs matched perfectly.

  3. Cousin Andy

    Careful, Chris. You have family from Kentucky and they may not appreciate being lumped together with Pennsylvania. The article is pretty amazing, though.

  4. Richard Eis

    So, everyone knew about it, nobody really did anything.
    There are many other people who should be joining these guys in prison for helping.

    Let us hope the mercy shown in prison is exactly what they showed to others.

  5. i grew up in the wilkes-barre/scranton area, and although i know often all of pa outside pitt & philly is sometimes considered pennsyltucky, it’s important to note that the wb/scranton area isn’t that small (550,000 people) and is definitely not a backwoods area. it makes it all the more embarrassing for a native from the area b/c a rural, more archaic court system might have been an excuse for this behavior continuing so long unabated, but alas it’s not. This is a fairly large court system that should have had enough checks and balances in place to stop this before it got this far. The last time wilkes-barre made national news was a few years ago when a murder suspect escaped from the county jail by tying bed sheets together and climbing out a window that was left open. no joke.

  6. Yet more evidence for the case against privatized incarceration. As soon as there’s profit available anywhere, there will be scum like these judges (and those providing their kickbacks) that try to take unfair advantage. The prison system in the US has long abandoned the pretense that they are there to rehabilitate anyone. Incarceration is punishment, nothing less. Even the argument that the protection of society is their goal fails as longer sentences are given for simple drug possession than for manslaughter. There should never ever be a monetary profit involved with incarcerating prisoners.

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