Gawker: The Best Blog on the Internets on the Worst Oped Page

Alex Pareene has given voice to what many longtime Post readers believe: Fred Hiatt needs to be axed.

Under editor Fred Hiatt, the Post op-ed page has gone completely off the rails. They picked up Bill Kristol after the Times dumped him for being not just wrong but boring and lazy. They openly allow George Will to lie, to straight-up lie, without fact-checking or corrections, because we all know reality is open to different “interpretations” and if a prominent columnist writes something patently untrue the best response is to then publish a “true” column by someone else as a counterpoint, because that doesn’t just represent everything misleading and terrible about the moden political press. They still publish Richard Cohen. The regular columnists are, for the most part, interchangeable ancient “moderate” liberals who haven’t written or thought anything vaguely interesting since 1974. Anne Applebaum was allowed to publish a blog post in support of Roman Polanski without disclosing that her husband is Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, who opposes extradition. Richard Cohen, again.



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  1. They should just re-publish columnists from the 1930’s: the social issues are the same; just as FOX should just re-do the anti-FDR broadsides of William Randolph Hearst’s papers.

    I actually am reading Max Lerner from that time, and I find him fascinating, becasue he speaks to the same problems, and he has a liberal background that had real philosophy and consistency; nowadays, both liberal and conservative philosophies are “philosophies” in name only.

    They’re more like philo-twitter.

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