I Increasingly Am Horrified by My Sex and Apologize Collectively for All Men to All Women

Exhibit 1001, on our great college and university campuses, this wretch can complain of coyote ugly. The nerve. Nice hat, BTW. Do you have a matching jersey? Ladies, imagine waking up with this puffy misogynist! Via Gawker.

Exhibit 1002, Southern Football’s Dating Game in Today’s WSJ.


9 responses to “I Increasingly Am Horrified by My Sex and Apologize Collectively for All Men to All Women”

  1. Katharine

    Eeew, do you honestly think we want to look at that moron’s ugly pimply mug? Pull the picture down and more people might want to read the article .

  2. Sigh. If my daughters end up being heterosexual, I will support them. But I will still be a little sad because I know how difficult life will be for them.

  3. Egad…
    Spotted on some bright fellow’s sweatshirt in our lab this week:

    “(Name of fraternity)
    Women want us
    Men want to be us”

    I feel sorry for his future significant other.

  4. Owain Glyn Dwr

    That picture should be in the dictionary under “Douchebag”.

  5. Denice Walter

    Recently, I’ve been trying to figure out why vampire romance/fantasy novels and TV shows are so popular with young women… the undead may be dangerous and frightening,but at least they’re not *these* guys (Exhibits 1001 & 1002).

  6. Figures that fucking douchebag is a Boston Red Sock fan.

  7. I just read the article. It strikes me as satire, and those who are protesting it are either blind to the obvious, or, during another time, would be protesting Jonathan Swift via letters to editors.

  8. bubbabubba666

    What # 7 said. God help some of you if you ever read an Onion article. It’s rather scary that the author did not spot this as obvious satire. Perhaps the apology you should be offering should be to the young man you called a misogynist. For a sight dedicated to how to deal with “denialists”, there’s irony in the fact that one of the authors reacted with knee jerk emotion to obvious satire.

  9. bubbabubba666

    One other thing Chris. Perhaps we are being unfair to you and you did spot the article as obvious satire. Perhaps you just decided to use it for your own means – you want to pretend to be sensitive for the laaaadies. So you can get laid.

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