Mike Adams couldn't go 6 hours without promoting an insane conspiracy theory about this school shooting

As anyone who reads my blog or Orac’s knows, Mike Adams, the “health ranger”, is a deranged individual who denies HIV causes AIDS, promotes some of the most absurd quackery in the world, and also is such an all around crank you can rely on him to wax conspiratorial about almost any dramatic news story. He’s done it again, already alleging a conspiracy and coverup in this most recent school shooting, and citing his bizarre conspiracy theories about Aurora as further evidence of these shootings being “staged” by the US government. I wouldn’t suggest clicking the link unless you want to lose several IQ points, and I am not interested in a full repetition of Adams claims here.
Aside from the ghoulish nature of using events such as these to promote one’s bizarre anti-government conspiracy theories, I think this is a case-study on the formation of new conspiracy theories. It is true, in the early attempts at understanding what was happening many different accounts were offered. Watching these horrible events unfold I noticed how at first the media was confused but gradually began to report a more consistent, and terrible picture.
To a sane person, one sees this as the general confusion that results from a “fog of war”. We know that the press is desperately seeking any information that adds to this story, because people are desperate to know what happened? How many were hurt? Is the suspect loose or apprehended? Is this going to keep happening? Will this be the event that finally convinces people to do something about this problem? They also are relying on eye witness reports of individuals who probably only experience a narrow portion of the same events. Eventually the pieces are stitched together, an investigation takes information from all the witnesses and tries to make all the differing accounts mesh. And we know when people are frightened, anything out of the ordinary can and should be reported to make sure every possible lead is followed to its conclusion.
A conspiracist, however, sees this confusion, and rather than seeing a general pattern of natural disorder surrounding such events, sees the hand of whatever bogeyman they truly fear. In this case, Adams pins this on the government, because hey, we all know the government is in control of everything, is completely competent at keeping all secrets, and is apparently is full of people that secretly train madmen to shoot schoolchildren. At some point it is likely he’ll find a way to blame his other favorite bogeymen, GMOs, pharmaceuticals, doctors (especially psychiatrists), and scientists.
I hate writing about events like these before we know all the details, but I also can’t stand just how repugnant a person Mike Adams is, and how objectionable his conspiracy theories are. His hatred of government is so extreme that within hours of any tragedy he’s there, pinning the blame on those who likely are trying to work the hardest to provide aid, help the victims, and identify the culprit. Our government isn’t perfect, but the idea that there’s some agency (Adams suggests it’s the FBI) that routinely, and with no leaks or evidence of its activities, is planning mass murders of American citizens is simply a revolting accusation to pin without overwhelming evidence. And what’s his evidence? The pretty ordinary and expected confusion surrounding a mass shooting. With that, he accuses the government of staging this mass murder. Maybe a second gunman will be found, maybe the witnesses were right, but what evidence would that be that the FBI kills schoolchildren? Plenty of these school shootings in the pasts have been committed with accomplices, and plenty have been done by solo nutjobs.
It’s amazing that anyone reads his site, but then, there will never be a shortage of defective brains that will happily consume Adams’ writing, and give no thought to the total absurdity of the accusations, or the frankly despicable nature of someone who would level them without evidence. Government is not perfect, we shouldn’t really love it, or hate it. Government in the end is just people, just other Americans like us. I have many family members and friends that work in government, many that are part of agencies conspiracy theorists have accused of this and that, and it amazes me that they think that their fellow citizens so frequently, even routinely, kill, poison, or otherwise harm other Americans. That events like these could be staged, and the secrets behind all of our government’s machinations against us kept so perfectly secret is absurd. Our top spy couldn’t even keep where he put his penis a secret, and people think that government can just go around shooting schoolchildren without someone objecting, someone telling the press, someone coming out against it?
I think if anything these interpretations events say a lot more about the people making them than they do about the events themselves. Conspiracy is often, if not exclusively, an expression of hatred, and throughout history we’ve seen them used to direct hate towards one group or another (a lot of them have been directed at one group of people in particular). I suspect it’s actually the conspiracists that are capable of anything, any crime, any despicable act, and their routinely unethical behavior in pushing their nonsense is just the beginning of it. For one, the conspiracist is clearly consumed with hate, so much so, that every event is viewed through the blinders of their rage. No party can be at fault except whoever is the object of their hatred. And maybe, just maybe, if they were in charge this is how they would use their power. This is how they think the world works. This is how they think others think and act. And this is why they are so scary.


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  1. Kevin Sanders

    Wether you lik it or not Greg, there mind altering drugs out there that can literally make you obey some commands. Just ask the United States Army. More than one manchurain candidate has gone on a killing spree.
    I am not saying this is what happened here, but it has happned.Aurora coloroda shooter was programmed for his incident.
    Lee Harvey Oswald always denied shooting the president. We know know that LBJ had the CIA kill him over NASA rules and regulations. Kennedy was about to spill the beans on what NASA was up to and about some of their discoveries. It got him and Monroe killed.
    There are alot of false flag attacks going on these days. Attacks by victims programmed to kill. Truth is that most do not take their own lives. instead soldiers at the scene take them out when the job is done. The last shooting we had at that mall, SOLDIERS, not police were first to respond. Conveniently, the shooter “killed himself”.
    Timothy McVeigh knew something was going on. The day he bombed the OC building, numerous firefighters grew concerned over a secret underground bunker underneath the building that was reported to house hundreds of UN marked armored vehicles and weapons stashes.
    Now, why would UN weaponry by hidden under a federal building on Okalahoma? McVeigh knew secrets. Someone was after him and before they could take him out, he struck first.
    This whole global governance/NWO thing is becoming more and more real as we see more and more control over the people. Governmenr drones watching us. TSA now wanting armed patrol on rurla highways. DHS setting up armored checkpoints in rural parts of America. Special Forces running live drills in downtown Minneapolis.
    These government people are either planning soemthing horriif for its own people, or they know a secret attack coming that they ae not letting us know about.
    This mass shooting stuff may be a false flag. Then agaain these may be isolate incidents, but highly unlikely. These things seem to be too well carried out by people not trained for such activities.
    We already know of human drones in Southern California and in a Boynton canyon. I have heard the horrif tales of human going crazy and attacking others without warning or reason in certain militarized areas of the US. it is no secret that mind control and mid altering drugs are being used to get people to give up their defenses.

    1. Who is Greg? Also you’re bonkers. Your defense of McVeigh’s mass murder is despicable, and another example of how the conspiracists are in the end horrible, horrible people.

  2. Of course, if there were any validity of his claims, the government would have dissappeared Mikey years ago.

  3. Kevin Saunders:
    Reynolds just called, your new hat is ready.

  4. U devoted an entire page to mike adams….in order to bash him?? Are u secretley in love with him? Did he steal ur girlfriend or something? U obviously are another robot and its good to see that the world still does have their head up their arse, u guys make my day with ur govt sponsored bullsh%t. Really, ur actually quite funny keep it up I enjoy thoughtless rambling and govt suckups like u. It never gets old, like the movie dumb and dumber, u guys really are this stupid and its a riot!!

  5. The US army, the Aurora shooter, Lee fucking Harvey were all messing around with mind control drugs? Based upon exactly what evidence, pray tell. Did you actually look into the details of army testing of drugs, the theater shooter and LHO, or did you just read the ‘reader’s Digest’ version on Prison Planet ,or get the downloadable brain slug from Alex Jones?
    Fact is that the army did research on mind altering drugs, there was a chance some other nation might use them on our troops, and concluded that while some drugs could help control some people the results were unreliable and highly inconsistent. One day a soldier might do more or less as you want. The second, he just sits in the corner and giggles.
    The Aurora shooter wasn’t programmed by anyone but himself. A constant diet of video games, anger, resentment, and hate (some of it from the above mentioned conspiracy sites) helped but so did a series of disappointments and personal setbacks. Other than making counseling more easily available I don’t know how you protect people from the hard knocks of interpersonal relationships but if you want to talk about shutting down conspiracy theory and hate internet sites and media outlets we can talk.
    LHO, ahhh … a hackneyed old claim. Brainwashed by Cubans, CIA, Mafia, or, the one I like, Birchers. Problem with that is you have to think the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” (novel 1959) (movie 1962) was a documentary. Who knew that Sinatra could act. Humans can be trained and reflexes built up but programming is much, much harder. In a controlled environment you can get fairly reliable results in the very short term but the brain is always making new connections and destroying old. Give it a day, a week at the outside, and it is useless.
    You might as well claim that John Wilkes Booth was programmed to shoot Lincoln. Perhaps, in the loosest possible sense was he programmed. He had spent years fostering a massive hate-on for the president. He essentially blamed Lincoln for everything that was wrong with America. Particularly the Civil War and the south losing. He had gathered like minded people around him and they had spent years nurturing resentments, building outrage, and whipping up each others courage. In that sense he had programmed himself.
    Timothy McVeigh and Columbine High School shooters hung around with like minded people and both were familiar with conspiracy sites and literature. Essentially people who spend time immersed in that atmosphere are programming themselves. Stuffing in the despair, hate and excuses that will allow themselves the indulgence of acting out their darkest desires to strike back while claiming the violence is justified. Possible even a noble act.
    Of course, after the fact, the realities of mangled bodies, puts their excuses and self-assumed nobility to shame and most of them shoot themselves. They ride in picturing themselves as noble knights armed with righteous indignation on a mission to right wrongs and teach society a lesson. They leave realizing they were deluded, drunk on their own rage, and surrounded by a bloody crime against society they will never be able to explain or correct.
    So go back for another dish of Prison Planet, and The Blaze for the brainwashing they call enlightenment, the mind chains they call freedom. Hug your guns and worship them as the source of freedom and liberty, but keep an eye out for your fellow travelers in those circles. For those are the people who are nurturing their inner rage, disgust and resentment and building a bomb in their own minds. Those are the people who are mentally unstable enough to candidates for mass murder. Those are the people who, lacking any greater calling or purpose, dedicate themselves to murder. People who will meticulously stockpile their guns and ammunition, who will pan it all out, who will rehearse the plan so that no thought is necessary because it has all been done ahead of time. Who will wake up surrounded by bodies and feel useless again.
    Yes, the shooter was programmed. He programmed himself, just like a couple of million other people are doing to themselves right now on gun and conspiracy sites.

  6. Kevin Sanders

    @ T Bruce
    I have a hat already. Mine is not made from tinfoil, but another material. Keeps the HAARP waves from turning me into a government drone killer like others we have witnessed lately.
    I wonder how much Greg is being paid to bash Mike Adams and Alex Jones? Unexplainable dot net has had a signifianct increase in NSA pings to their website in the last few weeks as well. Interesting how stories of UFOs gets the NSA interested in some private citizens’ website.
    @ Mark,
    I agree with you mark. Global warming conspiracy theorists are terrible in the conquest of global governnance. The people who spout conpiracy theories over right to work laws are even worse.

    1. Who is Greg? Is this a poe? This guy is really wearing a mind-control proof helmet? I’m so confused.

  7. Robert B. Estrada

    I think he means Greg Laden. He has also been leaking his lunacy on Greg’s site, and Jerry Coyne’s. He is either a troll or deranged or both.

  8. Robert B. Estrada

    Reading Kevin’s reply to T Bruce and Mark I begin to think he is a Poe/Troll excrement agitator.

  9. […] Mike Adams couldn't go 6 hours without promoting an insane conspiracy theory … Aside from the ghoulish nature of using events such as these to promote one's bizarre anti-government conspiracy theories, I think this is a case-study on the formation of new conspiracy theories. It is true, in the early attempts at understanding what … Read more on ScienceBlogs (blog) […]

  10. It’s really embarrassing to think there are so many people who buy into these ridiculous conspiracy theories. I’m sure the US gov’t as done things over the years that were not above board…..but not every incident is part of some crazy conspiracy.
    You people who use events like the school shooting to promote your mass paranoia are the scum of the earth.

  11. I am so messed up i IMMEDIATELY went to naturalnews to see if he had written anything. Dear god. Some fool responded he should stick to health news and dump the conspiracy theories. I posted that his health ‘news’ ARE fucking conspiracy theories. Sad so many people i call friends post his drivel.

  12. AsTheWorldTurns

    “The Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating’s brother, Martin Keating, wrote a book called The Final Jihad, BEFORE the Oklahoma City bombing took place.” He named his bomber Tom McVey, what a coincidence. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_7z5eUK7F0&feature=share&list=PLCE859B513A696749
    Iraq was all lies, so is Iran. We all know now that Bush ignored the warnings of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Just like the Obama administration ignored the warnings coming out of Benghazi, on the second 9-11.
    The CIA created al-Qaeda, and the US government is currently funding them in Syria as the opposition, just like they did in Libya.
    DHS is militarizing the police force.
    You can be indefinitely detained without due process or proof, by the military. Judge Forrest ruled the NDAA unconstitutional TWICE, which the Obama administration swiftly appealed both times.
    Obama had American citizens assassinated without due process or proof. One of which, was a 16 year old boy who was born in Colorado.
    Why did the gov’t cover-up that Israel bombed the USS Liberty?
    The Gulf of Tonkin incident…never happened.
    Why should ANYONE believe the lies that the MSM spreads?
    I automatically assume that the government “did it.” Because they usually are responsible.
    The US gov’t cannot have armed citizens in a police state, they are more than happy to take our guns.

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