Pathetic Cherry pick by the Global Warming denialists

It’s gratifying to see news agencies get it right, when climate change denialists leaked the IPCC draft report and cherry picked a single sentence out to suggest an increased solar component, no one fell for it. To their credit, the journalists have gone to the source who said:

He says the idea that the chapter he authored confirms a greater role for solar and other cosmic rays in global warming is “ridiculous”.
“I’m sure you could go and read those paragraphs yourself and the summary of it and see that we conclude exactly the opposite – that this cosmic ray effect that the paragraph is discussing appears to be negligible,” he told PM.
“What it shows is that we looked at this. We look at everything.
“The IPCC has a very comprehensive process where we try to look at all the influences on climate and so we looked at this one.”
Professor Sherwood says research has effectively disproved the idea that sunspots are more responsible for global warming than human activity.
Audio: Mark Colvin speaks to Steve Sherwood and John Cooke (PM)
“There have been a couple of papers suggesting that solar forcing affects climate through cosmic rays, cloud interactions, but most of the literature on this shows that doesn’t actually work,” he said.
“Even the sentence doesn’t say what they say and certainly if you look at the context, we’re really saying the opposite.”

So, surprise surprise, global warming denialists are behaving unethically by leaking a document that they agreed not to leak when applying as reviewers, then they double down by picking out a sentence to make it appear the report says something it doesn’t. There seems to be no rock bottom for these jokers. via Stoat.

5 thoughts on “Pathetic Cherry pick by the Global Warming denialists”

  1. P.C. B.S. Science Has a Bad Case of Climate Myopia
    1. Since the end of the Pleistocene Epoch earth has been in an “interglacial period” – I’d like to keep it that way – ice is the killer of civilizations.
    2. Global temps began rising, causing the ice sheets to recede, 11000 years before Suv’s and the Industrial age.
    3. There have been at least two mini- Ice Ages in the last 10,000 years – each followed by periods of uh…. global warming.
    4. Sea levels have been rising since the end of the last ice age – with centuries long pauses during periods of “global cooling”. Sea levels have risen nearly 300 feet in the past 12000 years… I would suppose that is why the people of the Netherlands have built dikes for centuries.
    5. The nearly 5 centuries of the “Little Ice Age” ended about 1855 – We have been in a general warming trend ever since – Thank God. Coincidentally, the Gore/Mann Hockey Stick begins its climb at that point. Incidentally, that graph could only have been constructed by someone with an agenda or who is suffering from “climate myopia”.
    6. All the melting “pole” ice shelves, that everyone is panicking about, have melted before. During the Medieval Warming (950-1250) Vikings grew crops in Greenland. The North West Passage was open and free of ice. Vikings are believed to have explored the west coast of North America using it 400 years before Cabrillo.
    7. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that man made co2 has anything to do with global warming. Anthropogenic co2 accounts for less than 2% of Co2 in the atmosphere. If we followed the green banners and marched back to the caves – leaving 99% of our fellows to die – the Co2 meter would barely move.
    8. H2o is (water vapor) is the most common green house gas representing 95% of green house gas.
    9. More “bio-mass” is present at the middle latitudes and far less as the poles. You may check this out by trying to grow something in your freezer and compare the result to your success in a “green house”. More food means fewer dead people. Really… ain’t science grand?
    10. The worlds deserts, from the Sahara to the Mohave, have been increasing in size for 5000 years. Ummm…. Were there “smokestacks” back in the pharaoh’s day?
    11. The “Climate Gurus” call all who disagree with their theory of “Anthropogenic Global Warming”, “Deniers”. They smugly pontificate that, “The science is in and is conclusive. The end of civilization is inevitable unless we immediately give up fossil fuels”.
    Ummm…. A couple of years back I remember them saying, “The ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico is destroyed – it will take over 100 years to recover – if ever.”
    These same scientists have been spending millions of your tax dollars, for the past year, trying to find any evidence that the spill ever happened. I guess they never figured on Ma Nature, warm water and bacteria…. Who knew?….Well, anyone who bothered to look at the fact that 75% of all oil in the sea comes from NATURAL SEEPAGE and about 20% from urban run off and only 5% from extraction and transport of petroleum products. By the by – the amount of oil in the sea would increase if we took the platforms off line – NATURAL SEEPAGE would simply increase. I wonder if Al Gore knows that?
    Remember 20 years ago, when the the “science was settled” regarding the “holes” in the ozone layer?….Hmmm, another ooops! Now, all we have to show for that P.C. B.S. Science panic attack are inefficient and more expensive refrigerators and air conditioners. As well as landfills full of perfectly good refrigerators.
    As Always, Remember, “Going Green Has Gone Too Far”.
    Get the bumper sticker.
    Well, I’ve gotta run, time to throw some more tires on my smoldering burn pile. Every little bit helps in delaying that next Ice Age as long as possible – just doing my bit.

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