2nd Amendment Right to the Poop Gun?

I wonder whether the Heller decision is broad enough to give me an individual right to own a poop gun, AKA, the “Brown Note.”


  1. Does this thing actually exist/work? I mean, I saw that episode of South Park, but I’d like to know the exact real-life mechanism by which sound can be used to make someone crap their britches.

  2. I do not know, sounds like poop (woo) to me.

  3. Anonymous

    In the 60’s I recall reportage on sonic weapon development. During the intervening period, the directed sound applications and interest in non-lethal systems have had time to develop. So the story is plausible. But the research says sonic weapons are unreliable.

    Wishful thinking Fox News, but it is MORE likely to happen at a Republican convention.


  4. Kagehi

    Mythbusters tried it. Got nada, zip, zilch and everything other than poop. There is one that can cause such massive pain you just want to run away from it and will involuntarily drop weapons to do so faster, or maybe that was a microwave like weapon…

  5. I have no problem with the police using a poop gun at the DNC, but please please please please please please please please use a gay bomb at the RNC. Please?

  6. Kagehi

    Probably pointless Boris. Given how much they like to protest it, and how many have, in the last year, been caught in various kinks (including gay behavior), all you would really need is to dose the crowd with something that made them act one their own urges. 😉 lol

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