We Can Haz HandCannon!

Mark, I find your post on DC v. Heller lacking in enthusiasm. It is not often that our Supreme Court finds a new constitutional right (except when big business wants more rights). We should celebrate this, thing–the Second Amendment. It must be important, right, since it becomes before the Third and Fourth!

We should exercise it too. I’m a fan of the old school Colt 45 Auto:

What handcannon are you going to buy?


  1. Kagehi

    Bah.. I am waiting for the micro-reactor operated hand held rail gun. Why accidentally shoot yourself in the foot when you can disintegrate it instead? lol

  2. I’ll take an AMT Hardballer thank you. I wish they would come out with such fancy rail guns. You know, the kind that can see through walls in x-ray like vision and shoot your target in the heart. I KNOW for a FACT that the framers of the Constitution had precisely that in mind.

  3. Nelson Muntz

    For a real handful, try a Thompson-Center Contender in, say, .45-70.


  4. @Nelson, sorry it won’t fit in my pants.

  5. Obligatory boxer remark: Hey, who needs a hand cannon when your hands are cannons?

  6. Personally, I’m opposed a right to own a gun… but I still agree with the decision. The second ammendment says that Americans have a right to own weapons, and the court agreed with that. As long as the ammendment is in place, the right persists – and no branch of government has the power to stop gun ownership. It’s a constitutional right, it’s the highest legal document in the country, and as long as the right is in there it exists.

    I would support starting the elaborate process of repealing the second ammendment, but I would be opposed to any attempts to work-around it by legal trickery – eg, making guns legal to own only with a licence that is prohibitively expensive. It’s a obsolete, pointless ammendment that should be gotten rid of – but it’s still a constitutional right until the day it is finally repealed by the appropriate legal process*.

    I wish this were a more common view, but in law the dirty trick preveils more often than now. Don’t like a constitutional right? Most pressure groups will attempt to indirectly attack it, or to stuff the courts with judges favourable to their political views. These are effective means, but… I consider them cheating. It’s subverting the proper legal and democratic process by the use of loopholes.

    *An amendment can’t be removed, but another ammendment can be passed to disable it. See the end of prohibition.

  7. @Hank, and the nice thing about hands is that they fit in pants.

  8. Chronic crazy person here. Ineligible, apathetic, would probably settle for a slingshot.

  9. valdemar

    Over here in England there’s a debate over how pointy knives should be. Yes, should we be allowed to own knives with points? After all, knives are for cutting things, not stabbing people. At the moment I can own a pointy knife if I want to, but ‘I Can Haz Pointy Blade’ doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  10. I already owns me one of those Glock 23 .40s. But I’m just a dumb southern redneck.

  11. The colt 45 is a beauty and a fav of mine as well.

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