People are inconsistent and crazy

So the alties hate real medicine. They come over here and bemoan modern medicine’s failure to address behavioral changes that affect health, such as diet and exercise.

Then I write a long post about internists’ duties viz public health and health behaviors, and the gun nuts think I want to disarm them and PRY TEH WEAPON OF GUNZ OUT OF OUR COLD DED HANDZ!!111!222!!!11!

I think of my writing as “reality-based”. I have opinions, and where my opinions intersect with real-world activities, I try to back up my opinions with facts. I don’t (usually) resort to wishful thinking, religion, conspiracy theories, or any deus ex machina to support my assertions.

Am I ever wrong? Frequently—but I think I’m more often right, and I’ve got the facts to prove it. I love the back-and-forth that blogs allow, and dissenting ideas help hone my arguments (and occasionally change my mind).

One pattern I’ve noticed seems to apply to everyone around here—scientists, alties, liberals, conservatives—if I touch on someone’s pet issue, all rationality goes out the window. If a commenter is too emotionally invested in an opinion, well, they’re right and I’m wrong, evidence be damned.

I presume that I’m just as susceptible as anyone to this, which is why I value dissenting comments so much—they keep me honest.

But please people, keep that mind open just enough to consider dissenting ideas (but not enough to let your brains fall out). If you just don’t buy it, fine, but c’mon, at least be introspective.