Million comment party

We’re still working on a Michigan meetup to celebrate our millionth comment. Ed Brayton, who has to trek over from the west side of the state, has suggested a more central location (not unlike early Michiganders). Rather than SE Mich, there is some interest in Lansing or East Lansing. If forced to trek up there, I’d certainly vote for El Azteco, but if Ed’s willing to plan it, I’m fine with it. If there is considerably more interest for SE Mich rather than EL, please let me or Ed know.

I’m also going to see if I can round up any bloggers who have michigan roots or may be in the area—sort of a mystery guest, as it were.

Keep the email/comments coming.


  1. I’m down with El Azteco. It might be a little studenty.

  2. which el azteco? there’s one in lansing AND one in E. Lansing.

    beggar’s and the peanut barrel are also tasty treats in e.l.

  3. Well, if we’re forced to do EL or Lansing, Ed from Dispatches is probably going to arrange it.

  4. If we took out all the fluff comments (like the ones I make!), and counted only the really interesting comments and those which make insightful and valuable contributions to the blogs, how many comments do you suppose we’d count?!

  5. The Blind Watchmaker

    I’m always up for El-Az! Let us know. Crunchy’s and Peanut Barrel are great too. 🙂

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