Has Obama Taken Away Our Guns Yet?

On Nov. 16th at 9:50 Pacific, the answer remains no, but this site will help us keep track of this important issue after Jan. 20.


  1. Ben_Wraith

    That would be a decent site if it had an RSS feed like the site for whether the Large Hadron Collider has destroyed the world yet.

  2. Why is it addressed only to people named Moran?

  3. Dang, dem morans is stuipd!

  4. Anonymous

    @1: It does, it’s that little orange button at the bottom.

  5. T. Bruce McNeely

    Why is it addressed only to people named Moran?

    Posted by: RSG


  6. Forget the guns. The important question is Has Obama taken our cryptography yet?

  7. No, the big question is:

    Has the Obama/Hillary/Gore trifecta taken all your monies and your freedoms, using Obama’s brownshirts!

  8. There is some site for online text games where you vote for the best one. Haven’t played in a while, but I do keep voting. But, one of the “ads” that shows up first, saying, “Consider visiting our sponsor”, is a banner that says, “Did Obama buy the election.” Umm, WTF? Well, personally, I have not gotten a dime, and if I had, I would have voted for the other person on principle. But, I suppose he used all that oil sto… Oh, wait wrong candidate. lol But seriously. How the hell does the question even make sense to anyone that doesn’t have their head up their ass?

  9. The “get a brain morans” is from the pic posted in the link by TBM.

    There are a lot of nuts who really think Obama is going to take away their guns and establish a dictatorship.

    Check out some of the threads here:

    They haven’t just drank the cool-aid. They’ve fallen in the punch bowl.

  10. Well, the good news for me is that there is a gun show in San Francisco right before inauguration!


  11. Why do people always obsess about the first two amendments? I wanna know if he’s quartered any soldiers in anybody’s home during times of peace!

  12. Likewise, can we keep a look out for the impending dictatorship and fascism I’ve been promised about Bush? (If he’s still President on January 21, I’ll need them guns!)

  13. Is there anyplace you can look at the mail they’ve received? It’s always interesting to see how the “morans” are doing with their keyboarding skills.

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